Nisan 8, 2021

Manage Me

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Big Dicks

Welcome to the sixth story in my “* Me” series. I’ve appreciated your feedback more than you could imagine. It helps power me through those moments of doubt. Please keep it coming! I’d also love to hear what you’d like to read about next. You can contact me via the Feedback form. Take care, and happy reading! –SWE

~ ~ ~

Foster Carrington entered the plush suite of offices, his six-foot frame sporting a finely tailored suit. “Good morning, ladies, I’m the new vice president of marketing. Well, I’m the temporary VP of marketing. Corporate sent me to fill in while they conduct a national search for Stuart Peterson’s replacement.” He held his hand out to the pretty blond at the desk to the left. “Foster Carrington,” he said, holding the woman’s hand a few seconds longer than might have been appropriate.

“And I’m Debbie Chandler, your new executive assistant.” She flashed him a dazzling smile.

“Nice to meet you.” He shifted his attention to the mousy brunette at the desk to his right. “And you are…” he asked, extending his hand once more.

The woman pushed her glasses up her nose before taking his hand. “I’m…Janet. Janet Davison.”

“She’s your secretary,” Debbie offered, bailing her awkward co-worker out.

“Ah. I look forward to working with you, Janet.” He turned to Debbie once more. “Mind giving me a tour of the executive floor?”

“Of course not! Right this way…” She gestured to the doorway. They walked down the long hall, side-by-side, Debbie describing each room or suite along the way.

“This is quite a setup,” Foster said, whistling softly. “When corporate sent me here, I was expecting a set of offices with beaten up metal desks, not this plush setting. I’m impressed. The scenery around here isn’t bad, either,” he added, taking in Debbie’s curvy, feminine form.

“I see how it is,” Debbie teased. “Big city guy expected some sleepy, rundown, podunk town, with seedy offices to match.”

“Guilty as charged.” He smiled sheepishly. Foster couldn’t help but notice Debbie’s sexy legs peeking out from her black pencil skirt. Her boobs were fucking amazing, too, but he fought staring at them. He cleared his throat. “Any chance I could get you to join me for a drink after work? I don’t know a soul around here. It gets lonely stuck in some hotel room.”

“I don’t see the harm I Janet and I taking you out for a little bit.”

Fuck. He was hoping for a little quality time with Debbie. Think fast, Foster. “Oh I’ll bet Janet has better things to do than hang out with us'” Like a knitting club or quilting bee, he thought snidely.

“Debbie shrugged. “No harm in asking, right?”

She gave him a brilliant smile he couldn’t resist. “You’re absolutely right,” he agreed, not wanting to look like a douche in her eyes.

They returned to his suite just in time for Janet to inform him that he had a call on line two. “Duty calls,” he grinned. “Thanks, Janet. And Debbie? Think about what I said.” He disappeared into his new office.

“He’s quite handsome,” Janet said, fanning herself.

We really need to get you into this decade, girl, Debbie thought, noting how dated her fanning gesture was. “He’s also a pig,” Debbie returned. Janet quirked an eyebrow. “He spent half our tour coming on to me!”

“I’d give anything for that kind of attention,” Janet sighed.

“You would, huh?” Debbie grinned. “I bet you’d change your mind in a heartbeat if it happened.”

“Goodness no!” Janet protested.

Debbie held up a finger. “Okay, first, you need to do away with the word ‘goodness’.” Janet tilted her head. “It sounds like something a child would say.” Debbie realized she was sounding mean and condescending. “I’m sorry, that didn’t come out the way I meant it to…”

“It’s okay, “Janet said with a warm smile. “Go on. I want to hear your secrets. I want to learn what I need to do to get men’s attention.”

“You sure?”


Debbie sat on the corner of her desk. “Are you talking about him specifically?” she said, jerking her head toward Foster’s office.

“Maybe…” Janet confessed, blushing fiercely.

“I see… Well tomorrow is Saturday; we’re gonna have a girl’s day out.” She lowered her voice. “We’re going to make you so hot that Foster will want to fuck you faster than he can shut the door!”

Janet’s eyes widened. “Really?”


~ ~ ~

Janet tossed and turned in her bed as she tried to imagine how Debbie was going to make her over. Man, if she could catch the eye of someone like Foster Carrington…damn… Unable to sleep, she reached for her laptop. She skimmed Facebook as she always did when she was restless. She saw a photo album posted by a co-worker from the president’s office. It was titled “Staff Retreat in Hawaii”. Carol Gibbons had a separate, more private account for her girlfriends. She shared things there that never made her personal page.

Janet clicked on the album, and immediately saw a picture of Foster, drink in hand, and dazzling smile. Her heart skipped a beat. She loved getting etlik escort to look at him without any consequences. The next picture was a group shot of the executive team. Foster was wedged between two gorgeous women. Of course he was, Janet thought. She frowned; she was never going to catch the eye of someone like him… With a sigh, she clicked on the next photo. A luau. Foster got lei’ed in Hawaii. Janet laughed out loud, proud of her off-color joke. For the next several minutes, she took in her virtual trip to Hawaii. Janet gasped when she saw the pics from a friendly game of beach volleyball. Foster was caught mid-jump as he reached up to spike the ball. The fact that he was shirtless took her breath away. He was extremely fit without being overly muscular. Suddenly, tomorrow’s makeover couldn’t come soon enough.

Turned on by the sight of him, Janet began teasing a nipple through the cotton of her nightshirt. It was a firm peak by the time she got to the surfing pictures. Foster was wearing a tight Speedo that left little to the imagination. She thought it was an inappropriate choice for a work event, but then again, if you’ve got a body like that, why not flaunt it, right? The bulge between his legs…oh my… Everybody thought she was such a naïve, innocent woman. They’d fall over if they knew just how much she wanted to ride that magnificent cock. She imagined sucking him off in a remote part of the island. Mmmm…

She slipped her hand beneath her panties, and found her pussy nearly dripping from the sight of his perfect body. Drawing circles around her throbbing clit, Janet giggled as she reached in her nightstand drawer for her bright pink wand. Debbie would probably die of shock if she knew she had a wand! Janet clicked her way through the album with one hand as she teased herself with the other. The pictures of Foster and the wand were a killer combination; she could tell she was going to cum far sooner than she had hoped. With a click of the tiny button, she increased the speed of the wand. Holy fuck! She didn’t know it was possible to get so aroused without the touch of a man.

Her breathing quickened as she clicked the speed up another notch. Janet squirmed as her mind envisioned his hands on her body, lips on hers, and hand…oh! Soft moans filled the room. She recently discovered that vocalizing heightened her orgasms, so she went with it, eventually adding gasps of Foster’s name between pants.

With her free hand, she returned to the picture of him walking out of the ocean. His chest glistened from the wetness. Switching the wand to an intermittent pulse, Janet gasped. Oh my god…shit…right there! She wiggled as she contemplated making him glisten from a wild night of sex. Janet knew that’d never happen though. It was one thing to own a wand, but another thing entirely to seduce the guy. Besides, she wasn’t his type. A pinstripe pantsuit, glasses, and hair pulled back in a tight bun didn’t exactly scream “come fuck me”.

She circled her clit with the wand, her body trembling from the impending orgasm. One more click of the toy’s speed button, and Janet knew she’d fly over the edge. Squeezing her eyes shut, she kicked up the speed and at last went straight for the clit. Her back arched and quivering body stretched as she let out one last cry.

~ ~ ~

Debbie pulled up to the curb where Janet stood. “You ready to become a sexy beast?” Debbie teased as Janet got into the car.

“I’m not even sure that’s possible.” She hoped it was, of course, but the odds were not in her favor.

“I guarantee you it is.” Debbie checked the rearview mirror and pulled out into the street. “First stop, the mall.”

Debbie outlined her plan as she drove. The women were thrilled to score a spot just outside the food court. “Where to first?” Janet asked.

“Gimme your glasses,” Debbie insisted.

Janet complied tentatively. She knew the optometrist was the first stop. It was such a cliché that ditching the glasses was key to a makeover, but Janet knew it desperately needed to happen in her case.

“Damn, girl, where ya been hidin’ those gorgeous green eyes?”

Janet shrugged.

“The glare of your glasses made it impossible to see them, which is why you, my friend, are getting contacts.” Debbie led the way to the closest vision center.

The doctor made quick work of fitting her with contacts.

Debbie grinned proudly and handed Janet a mirror from the counter. “Whatdya think?”

“Wow, you were right. They make a huge difference!”

Debbie nodded. “Phase one complete. Next stop, the salon.”

That stop made Janet a bit nervous. Putting her hair up in a tight bun was the only way she could control her wild, crimpy red hair.

“Do you always wear your hair like that?” Debbie asked with the tilt of her head. “It’s so…harsh.”

Janet snorted. “You wouldn’t ask that if you saw what my hair looked like down. It’ll be a miracle if the stylist can do anything with it.”

“We’ll see. I’ve gone to Cindy for years; she’s awesome. I think you’ll etlik escort bayan like her.”

Janet took a seat at Cindy’s workstation. Cindy freed Janet’s hair and tousled it with her fingers, causing a cascade of bright red curls to fall. “See, Debbie?” Janet said over her shoulder. “I told you it was hopeless.”

“Hey, there’ll be none of that talk,” Cindy scolded playfully. “I say you embrace those curls.”

“We want something that says, I’m hot, come…” Debbie leaned in and whispered in Cindy’s ear “fuck me”.

“Debbie!” Janet was mortified.

“While that is the goal, is it not?”

‘Yes,” she mumbled. “But what’s this ‘we’ stuff?”

“I have a stake in this, too,” Debbie insisted. “It’s my mission to see that you get some action!” She slapped her hand over her mouth, embarrassed by the volume of her risqué comment.

As Cindy shampooed her hair, Janet daydreamed that it was Foster’s hands running through her hair. In that brief moment, she was extra grateful to be a woman. Had she been a guy fantasizing about a girl, she’d have frantically had to hide a massive hard-on. Damn, she had it bad for the sexy executive…

They returned to the workstation. “So, here’s what I’m thinking,” Cindy began. “I’d like to cut your hair to shoulder length, and use product to shape those amazing curls.”

Janet shrugged. “Okay, I’m game. Whatever you think would look best.”

Debbie leaned into her ear and whispered, “Just think, with your hair down, Foster can run his hands through it, or grab it to push himself deeper—”

“Ladies,” Cindy scolded playfully, “not everyone in the room would appreciate your candor!”

Janet blushed, while Debbie joked “It sucks to be them!”

The three of them laughed hysterically as Cindy snipped at Janet’s hair. Janet winced as a particularly long chunk of hair hit the floor. “This whole makeover thing to catch a guy is so cliché, and it may not even work.”

Debbie noticed her discouraged expression. “I know the contacts, hair, and new clothes feel like an unoriginal way to catch a man, but trust me; what you’re going to do to him will be anything but cliché.”

Cindy gave Debbie a death glare, not wanting her to scare away the other customers.

In 45 minutes, a new Janet emerged. When Cindy spun her around to face the mirror for the big reveal, her face lit up and she mouthed “wow”. Cindy was thrilled to see Janet’s positive reaction. Radical hair changes were a crap shoot—people either really loved them, or really hated them.

“I’d say it’s a grand success,” Debbie said with a wide grin. “Okay, time to find the outfit.”

They paid and headed off to their next destination. Debbie paused in front of Victoria’s Secret. “Do you have a lacy thong and a sexy bra?” Debbie asked. Seeing Janet’s expression was the only answer she needed. “Of course you don’t,” she teased. “We need to get you a lacy black thong, and a sexy push-up bra.”

Janet looked down at her chest and crinkled her nose. “A push-up bra? What’s wrong with my boobs?”

“Nothing’s wrong with them, but we want to make them irresistible to Foster, right?” Debbie walked into the store and instantly snagged the perfect bra. “What size do you wear?”

Janet mumbled her response. She stared at the floor awkwardly.

“Follow me.” Debbie led her to the dressing room at the back of the store. “Here,” she said, handing Janet the garment. “Try this on, but let me see it before you take it off.”

“Really?” Janet returned, rolling her eyes.

“Really.” Debbie picked up a few sexy thongs for herself as she waited for her friend to change.

“I’m ready!”

Debbie peeked through a small crack in the open door and was majorly impressed. “Wow! I had no idea you were hiding those. If I had, I’d have dragged your ass in here months ago!”

“I take it you approve?” Janet actually twirled, clearly feeling the boost in self-confidence as well as the bra.

“Boy do I! Foster’s a goner.”

The final stop was one of those fancy department stores Janet always avoided. If she had to venture into one, she was glad to have Debbie by her side. Not only did Debbie know how to look professional, but she had a knack for giving her outfits a sexy flair. Janet was in good hands, and she knew it.

It didn’t take Debbie long to pull together a dressy ensemble with a skirt, blazer, and a bright Kelly-green silk blouse to match Janet’s gorgeous eyes. She burst into full on belly laughs when Janet emerged. She had the blouse buttoned up as far as it could go. “Um, Janet?”


“No. Just no.” She reached over and unbuttoned a few pearly buttons. “That’s more like it,” Debbie smiled, pleased with herself. “This concludes Phase One of The Janet Project.”

“Wait, there’s a Phase Two?!?”

“Yep. It’s arguably the best part, too.”

“Should I be afraid?”

Debbie waved off her concern. “Nah. I’m just going to share my top-secret tips for seducing a man.”

“‘Seducing a man’ makes it sound so…premeditated…”

“Girl, escort etlik you’re acting like we’re contemplating murder. Now get dressed and let’s go!”

Janet complied as she had done every other step of the way. She didn’t know whether to be flattered that Debbie was willing to share her secrets, or offended because she clearly assumed Janet couldn’t do the job without coaching. For once, Janet decided not to overthink. She took the clothes to the nearest cash register and paid. “Where to next?”

“Your place, after a quick stop to pick up wine and some Chinese.”

“Sounds perfect!”

~ ~ ~

Debbie was curled up at one end of the sofa with her legs tucked underneath her. “Debbie’s Rules of Seduction Number One: Believe that men are sexy and desirable. So many women have a bad attitude about guys. They think they’re all users or players. That’s simply not true. I believe that men can sense this attitude, and it’s obviously a big turn-off.”

“Makes sense to me. Go on,” Janet prompted, popping a piece of orange chicken in her mouth.

“Number Two, and these are in no particular order: Men love to eat pussy. Now before you say ‘duh’, let me explain. Many ladies think blowjobs are the key to landing a guy. While it’s true they love blowjobs and likely would never turn one down, many of them enjoy giving as well as receiving. Keep this in mind at the office with Foster…”


Debbie dismissed Janet’s mortified look. “Number Three: Leave things to his imagination. This is why I pushed you to get the sexy bra and panties. It’s also why I unbuttoned the top part of your new blouse. Tease him, tempt him, give him something to reveal piece by piece… Damn, just thinking about it makes me horny.”

“You might be the most sex-obsessed person I’ve ever met,” Janet joked.

“Why thank you,” Debbie returned proudly. “Now, as I was saying, the whole imagination thing can start innocently. For example, if Foster’s looking at a document on his desk, you could bend down to read it with him, giving him an up close and personal look at your cleavage.” She smiled. “I bet he’d love that, especially with that hot, lacy push-up bra you just bought.” The ideas were all painfully obvious and overused, but Debbie sense that that wasn’t the case with Janet. “And of course you’ve gotta drop something and pick it up with your back to him. Give him a glance at that perfect ass of yours, you know?”

“My ass is perfect?” Janet asked innocently.

Debbie ignored her. “Lastly, you need to practice. Get warmed up so to speak. Fuck, I wish you had a picture of him.”

“Actually, I do. Several.”

“Wait, what?!? Why, you sly devil; I didn’t even see you take them!”

Janet held up her hand. “No, no, I didn’t take them, Carol from the president’s office did. They were from that fancy retreat in Hawaii.”


“You aren’t gonna ask me what he was wearing?”

“I’m assuming jeans and a polo?”

“Guess again.”

“Come on, Janet.”

“A Speedo!” Debbie’s eyes widened. “And let me just say that hunk is very, very, how do you say it, hung?”

Debbie waved her off. “Close enough. As much as I’d like to ask to see them, I’m going to resist. You do know what comes next, right? Janet nodded. “Look at those pics and masturbate like you’ve never masturbated before.” She reached into her purse and pulled out an oblong box wrapped in foil-like paper with lips on it. A red ribbon tied in a bow was the finishing touch. “Here…something to commemorate the occasion.”

“Debbie…that’s so sweet of you!” She opened the gift, revealing a bright pink wand. Janet smiled. She wasn’t about to ruin the thought of her friend’s gift by telling her she had its twin tucked away in her nightstand. “Thank you for adequately arming me for my ‘warm up’,” Janet surrounded the words ‘warm up’ in air quotes and giggled.

Debbie jumped off the couch and started grabbing Chinese carryout containers.

“What’s the rush?” Janet asked, following her friend’s lead.

“I need to take care of something.”

“Was it something I said?” Janet closed the containers and placed them in the fridge.

Debbie squirmed. “No, I promise. All this sex talk just got me hot and bothered, and I—”

“Don’t say another word! Go!” She pulled Debbie in for a hug. “Thank you for today.”

“My pleasure. Your Monday’s gonna be fan-fucking-tabulous!”

Janet beamed. “I sure hope so!”

~ ~ ~

Janet ran her hands along her curves in the shower that night, thinking of Foster’s hands exploring her body. She imagined him pressing her up against the wall and kissing her thoroughly. He’d kiss her neck, nibble her earlobe, and place a hand on her breast. She’d sigh as she ran her fingers through his hair. Janet could almost feel those full lips of his making their way to her breasts… Her soapy hands kneaded and massaged as soft moans escaped her lips. If the mere thought of him was making her this hot, imagine what the pictures would do? Anxious to get into bed with her laptop and wand, Janet shampooed her hair, and then slipped into a plum colored silk sleepshirt. She had read that wearing sexy sleepwear could make you feel sexier, so she ditched the cotton. Her hands and fingers would glide across the fabric, bringing her nipples to taut peaks.

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