Nisan 8, 2021

Mallu Girl in CA Class

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Big Tits

Hi all,

The story in going to tell u is a true incident in my life. In a 24 year old CA student.

This incident happened a year ago.

I get horny whenever I even think of it.

I used to go to CA classes in Kochi, Kerala. I was always looking for a sexy beautiful girl to befriend as it is the tendency of boys nowadays. :). I always thought myself to be handsome and I used to carry myself well. in 5’11 and 75 kg in weight. Fair and moderate built, proportional to my weight. I have a hairy body which I am proud of, I don’t know why, I think hairiness is masculinity.

Coming back to my story, I spend the first two weeks eyeing on every girl, but nobody was good-looking that came to class according to me. After 3 weeks a girl came, at first when I saw her I did not think that she was very good looking, anyway I went and had a chat with her asking her name, place and all other normal info. She told me her name was Elizabeth and she did her bachelors in a reputed college in Chennai. I said OK and I left I also told my name btw.

I was throwing my usual attitude because I knew beautiful girls fall for attitude only. The day passed, she came to class the next day also. She was sitting in the desk just in front of me. I noticed that everyone was looking at her only. I also had a good look at her. She was fair, her hair colored slightly red towards the ends, very smooth skin and excellent shape of hips. My god, I wondered how I missed her yesterday. I was looking at her hips the whole day and wondered if I could slightly stroke those curves. She was wearing a maroon kurta which accentuated her complexion even more. I thought I should get her to be friends with me anyhow.

I have a feeling that universe always responds to my desires. After 2 days when I was getting down at the bus stop, I saw a car which came and stopped near me. It was a red polo and when the window was lowered I saw it was Elizabeth. She asked me do I need a lift. I agreed and got into the car. There was good melodious songs playing and we talked for five minutes and the institute reached and we got down.

Bet you were expecting to have a sex scene in the car, lol, life doesn’t happen so fast!

Anyway days passed and I asked her for her number which she gave. I purposefully texted her only after 2 days. As I was throwing attitude and to give her an impression that in a busy man.

We soon started to chat and I noticed that she was responding very well to my flirty remarks and chats. I also wondered why a girl would be so fast. We started getting close very fast and we started chatting endlessly. My close group of friends had some doubts but they didn’t ask me anyway. Days passed and we were very close. Btw I had a long time crush on another girl, a very serious crush from my college. She was my junior. I was thinking very seriously of her but did not have the guts to go and tell her. Still I was thinking of her when all these things in the CA institute happened.

I was getting confused with the two girls. One I had a crush since 3 years and this Elizabeth was very beautiful and very rich and very close to me now. In the meantime I got Elizabeth into special classes with me in the same institute. I was on really good terms with the coordinator so I had her get into the special batch even though she was just above average.

I used to flirt with her asking her kisses and all those sort of things. I made sure I did it in funny tone. that’s how I do, u never know when a girl is going to fall for u. she also just used to slip away from those kind of talks and I wouldn’t know what her real mindset was. Anyway days passed and I used to call her all sort of pet names. Well that’s another trick. ;). One day she told me she is going to take me to a restaurant and treat me. I said ok and went down with her. We went to Holiday Inn hotel which is a star. We etlik escort were sitting in its dim lit restaurant and she was talking very fast to me. She looked like a different person.

She was getting very open and saying all sorts of things about her, I started falling for her.

I used to look at her all the time during the class and was sad that the classes are going to end soon. In between my birthday came and she called me in the morning and I asked for a kiss again and this time she gave me a kiss through phone.

A few days later I was drunk and I was texting her at night. I told her that I love her. She asked me whether the alcohol was speaking or me and asked me whether will I forget this when I wake up in the morning. I said no and told her that I seriously love her. She said ok. And both of us fell asleep.

The class was getting over soon and then the last day came and everyone was in a parting mood. Elizabeth and I talked for half an hour after class and took some photos. She seemed reluctant to go and I sent her off anyway and went to get a smoke with my friends. When I was smoking I got a call from her asking me to come near her car and she wanted to talk. I said ok. I drove to the place where her car was parked and got into her car. She was sitting inside the car with her hair tied into a bun and the neck of her kurta a little bit stretched down. I got a glimpse of her cleavage and it was as white as the inside of an apple. Anyway I sat there and talked for some time about the time in the class and blah blah blah. After that she hugged me and placed kisses several times on my ear and cheek. This was my first experience and I sat there still. She had already had 2 or 3 boyfriends in the past. After that we talked for 5 minutes and I got out of the car and I left. During my way back I could feel heat on my ears. I had only heard in songs and films that kisses were hot. I was experiencing it today for the first time at the age of 24. After that also we met for snacks a few times. We just talked and left.

After a month I had to go to Bangalore for my article ship. We used to chat daily and the emotions were intense. I was waiting for my leave at the end of the month to see her. I never wanted sex or anything, because what I had for her was pure love.

We met up when I came in the Radisson Blue in kadavanthara. we had a small dish and were about to leave, when she told me that there was no one at her house and would I like to come over to visit the house. I was hesitant because I am from a reputed family and I did not want to put my family name at stake if something bad happened. but she asked me one more time and I said fuck it and went down with her. we went to her house. it was a very big and new one. there were four cars in the lawn and the house was very magnificently designed. I parked my civic behind her polo and got out and entered her home. I was looking at the neighboring houses to check if anyone was watching, I got into my car again and parked into a secluded space because people could actually make out from the number of my car which family I belonged to.

I got into the house and she brought me something to drink. We were drinking that and chatting and I started noticing her lips. They were so sensual. I involuntarily put my fingers on her lips and she stopped talking and bit my fingers softly. She smiled and I also smiled. I put down my hand and we started to talk again. I once again started noticing her lips and again put my fingers on her lips and pinched them. She told me that it’s hurting in a funny way.

I involuntarily pulled her close and our eyes were so close. I could feel her breaths on my neck. I was losing control and kissed her passionately. She got surprised all of a sudden and I saw that in her eyes and I pulled apart. I said sorry. She looked me into my eye etlik escort bayan for a second and she kissed me fiercely. My nerves were on fire and our tongues were playing around in our mouths. I was sucking her lower lip like anything. She was also getting wild and started pulling my hair. My hands were running furiously around her back and I got hold of her butt and started to squeeze it very hard. I could feel that the harder I squeezed her butt the fiercer the kiss would become. I squeezed her butt one hard time and gave her a tight spank on her buttock. She pulled apart for one second and she returned the kiss with even more ferocity. We stood there for at least 15 minutes meanwhile I slapped her ass at least five times. She was also squeezing my ass. I came to know that she is a very wild girl.

Now I brought my hands forward and started squeezing her boobs. I squeezed them very hard and would squeeze harder at nipples. She also started slapping my ass. My nerves had started exploding and I lifter her up and went on to the nearest bedroom. She asked me to turn on the ac. I couldn’t find the remote and got the remote from under the bed and put ac on to 20 degrees. Now she was laying on the bed and was standing there she suddenly stood halfway up and kissed me and pulled me onto her. I fell on my elbows on the bed and started kissing her and rubbing my beard on her neck. She was enjoying it and started closing her eyes halfway. I bit the skin of her collar bone and simultaneously pinched her left nipple. I bit her breasts on top of her clothes and she said oh my god. I told her to help remove her kurta as it was tight at the hips. She sat up and removed it while I helped her. It got stuck on her face and she was blind now.

The cloth was hiding her prettiest face. But her breasts were prettier. She was a wearing a red laced luxury bra. I couldn’t control myself and I pulled the bra and left it snapping at her breasts. She was stuck with the kurta and I removed her bra then. Her nipples were pink and her breasts were to sagging. It was a perfect 32C. She had hips of probably 30 and waist 34 may be. She was a goddess. I started biting her nipples and she was enjoying it. I was biting on her right nipple and pinching on the left nipple. I buried my face in between her breasts. Now I saw that she was still stuck. I removed the kurta and felt like slapping her face. So I gave her a tight slap on the face. Her white face turned red. She looked at me for a second and jumped towards me and kissed me. I kissed her and pulled apart and gave her one more slap. She tore the buttons of my shirt and took off my vest. I felt a little concerned about my LP shirt. But I soon came over it. She was biting my nipples and pulling my chest hairs. I slapped her ass once more. This time very hard. After that I took her and laid her on the bed on her front. I pulled her hands and hair back with one arm and started spanking her butt. The butt was turning redid got behind her and started squeezing the boobs from the back and I also punished her ass.

I pulled her up and made her to stand on the knees. She was enjoying all of this. I slapped her once more. Now she removed my jean and boxers and was staring at my penis. I think this was her first time also, I dint at that time. I took the penis and put into her mouth. She gagged at first but I did not take it out. Instead I slapped her softly. She was sucking it now. And I told her if urn teeth hurt me I will slap you. She was sucking it for 5 minutes I was going mad. She was spitting on my dick and sucking it. This sight with her boobs hanging down made me mad. I took my dick out and slapped her face with the dick. I took her arms up and tied it behind her back so that the boobs would be protruding out now and gave the dick to suck again. She was sucking it again. I felt I was going to cum. so I stopped escort etlik it and lifted her and put her on the bed. I pulled him underwear down to find trimmed hair in the shape of a triangle. It felt funny and started tickling her pussy. She was also laughing now. I took my face close to her pussy and started licking it. I could feel her clit and took it in my hand and squeezed it.

She closed her legs in ecstasy and I gave her a slap on the pussy. She laughed and said sorry. I was putting my tongue and rolling it in circles a technique I learned in American pie. She was about to cum when I stopped. She said goddamn it. I laughed so did her. Now I took some clothes and tied her hands and legs to four sides of the bed. She asked me what I was doing. I told her to shut up. I started to lick her pussy once again. She was immobile and was wriggling in sexual tensions. I stood up and put my dick in her mouth and now we were in 69. We continued this for 10 minutes. When I felt we both were about to cum I stopped and took my belt. I whipped her softly on her breasts and thighs. After each swing I would lick and kiss those parts. She had tear in her eyes but she was enjoying it. I turned her and started slapping her ass and whipping with belt alternatively. She was in tears now but she was also laughing. I rolled her over now and now I tied her hands right above her head and put my face in her arm pits. I was loving the smell of the sweat and it was making me mad.

I was tonguing her belly button and started licking her pussy again. Her pussy was flowing with juices which had a particular cock was rock hard now and I decided to enter her now. I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy and teased her with my dick. She was laughing and told me please. I tried to enter her but something was blocking me. Now I understood that she was a virgin. I told her to take a long breath. With the movies I watched I entered her pussy in one go. She let out a gasp. And soon there was blood. She was in tears and started crying. So I started kissing her. I was pumping her and she stopped crying.

I was pumping slowly and when I knew we both were about to come I pulled out. I dint know she and even I could do this much in our first sex. I sat down and lifted her up and put her on my lap and started pumping her. In the meantime I tied her both hands behind her back with one arm and started sucking her lips and breasts. I stopped after sometime and slapped her.

I now took her to the wall and pushed her against it and held her hands with one of my arms and pumped her. After few strokes I stopped pumping and I went on my knees and started sucking her pussy. She was closing her thighs then I would pinch her pussy. I was vigorously sucking her pussy now she was panting heavily and I knew that she is close to orgasm. I lifted her up and put her in doggy style on bed and entered her from behind. I pulled her hair backwards so that her neck was strained. I did a few pumps and was slapping her ass with a belt. After 2 minutes we both chummed at the same time and both of us collapsed. She lay on my chest for 10 minutes and I took her to the bathroom and thoroughly cleaned her and myself.

After that we got dressed up and she ate a pill which was there in the house to prevent pregnancy. We had to remove the bedsheets and pillow covers. After that I had a shot of vodka and tang from her house and I left.

After this happened we still kept in contact but never got a chance to meet.

After one month she said she wanted to stop this relationship. I thought she was joking but she was serious. I was devastated. I felt really bad and I turned to alcohol and cocaine for a month. I stopped cocaine after one month.

After three months she texted me saying she’s getting married. I said ok.

After three months of marriage she is asking me to meet her. I don’t know why. I always avoid her because I loved her so much and also did not want to interfere in someone else’s life as it can put my family name in bad light.

Why would she have done this? Enthinarikum aa played mol ingane cheyyunnath?

Please let me know your feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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